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Geti! NnotePad - Write Down BOYAKI Always Anywhere.
Language of GETCHIRIN

A fan page for whole world Grhinisuto was completed at last! now, it can be stood up Grhinisuto of the whole world! On the earth || happiness of white tights! Getirieeen!!!

GETCHI world
 Getirin dance
Do not get drunk
 Geti drama
I play a story
 White gehi or Black gehi
I try to want to say which.
 Popular KYARA vote
I vote for a character of gehi
 Gechi fine-arts room
Illustration exhibition
Gehi of big or small
GETCHIRIN is challenged!
I escape! I catch you!
Gehi dictionary (making)
Explanation of a gehirin
Gehi correlation diagram
A figure of correlation
GETCHI and play

◆Gehi accelerates whenever I push speedup. It becomes late that I continue pushing a decline.

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GETCHI handicap NITI
 GETCHI meeting
Don't you become the member of a GETCHI meeting? I love love soldier gechirin, and still and it is a meeting to gather for love, courage, justice, a laughter.
 GETCHI alliance
Aren't the people with a homepage made a GETCHI alliance? By you, let's increase a GETCHI fan!



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